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syslocation with IAPs

I've been working on some templates for deploying IAPs and ran into some interesting behavior regarding the System location which shows in the GUI under the System-General tab.  When trying to configure this through the GUI it doesn't seem to want to take.  When configuring the syslocation through the CLI it takes and will show in the GUI but it doesn't show anywhere in the config when you backup the config or do a 'show run' but it does show when you do a 'show summary'.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Is this still the SNMP syslocation?

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Re: syslocation with IAPs

The syslocation is not part of the configuration, but is pushed to the AP's flash.  It is only seen when that information is read from the AP, and not part of the config.

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Re: syslocation with IAPs

Yes, this is the SNMP sys location. Could you share the version you are running?
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Re: syslocation with IAPs

Thanks for confirming.  I am running version

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