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why use a wired profile for uplink port?

i have seen several of the regulars here suggest using a wired profile on the port which connects the IAP to the switch.


from my original IAP training i was told that the IAP port is default a trunk which accepts all VLANs. I don't have to allow VLANs, all are available for me anyway right?


now it seems the wired profile can do things like allowed VLANs and set native VLAN, but it isn't required right?

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Re: why use a wired profile for uplink port?

Hi Friend,


You need to configure the port to change the trunk native VLAN and allowed VLAN as per the other end of the uplink( Switch port where the IAP is connected). most of the time as per the best practice we will change the native VLAN and allowed VLAN therefore Aruba provided the option of configuring the uplink wired port.


Also if we want to restric the traffic on the uplink wired port we can map a policy to that port.




Hope got some more idea about this :)

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: why use a wired profile for uplink port?

thanks, i understand what it can do, but specially on the port connected to the switch i don't see the need.


controlling the allowed VLANs is something the switch should be in control of. the native vlan isn't used everywhere anyway and trunk is the logical default anyway.

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