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Aruba 200 Controller und zusätzliche AP65

Hallo zusammen,


wir wollen unseren Aruba 200 Controller mit weiteren AP65 erweitern, zwecks Anbau in der Firma...
Wir haben bereits einige Jahre 5 AP65 im Einsatz die funktionieren.
- Modelle von 2009 ( mit weißen Logo in der Mitte) -
Die "neuen" Aps sind von 2010 ( lila Logo) und werden vom Controller aber einfach nicht gefunden... Sie sind über L3 Switche mit dem Controller verbunden und bekommen auch eine gültige IP.
Der Reseller ist auch keine große Hilfe.
Weiß jemand Rat? Für jeden Vorschlag dankbar!

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Re: Aruba 200 Controller und zusätzliche AP65

Excuse me for responding in English.

The Aruba 200 controller is an old controller that runs maximum ArubaOS 5.0 ( as a capacity of max 8 APs, and needs licenses 

It has a capacity of max 8 APs, and needs licenses for every AP that you add.

Do you have enough licenses? And don't you pass the 8 AP limit?


Are the lila APs (those are Alcatel branded APs, not supported on Aruba controllers but reported to work fine) also AP-65?


Do you see the AP's connect to the controller? It can be that these APs have been hard-configured for connecting to the original controller (assuming you got them second-hand). Those AP's can be reset, but the serial console port is integrated with the Ethernet port. You need either a controller that supports Serial-over-Ethernet (the A200 does not) or a special breakout cable. If you can determine what controller IP the AP is looking for (for example by sniffing the network traffic), you can add that IP to your controller and the AP should connect and after that, you can re-provision it from the controller.


Again, the A200 and AP-65 are end-of-life for quite some time and also the performance (AP-65 is an 'abg'-radio, 54 Mbps max) is considered out-dated old standards.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba 200 Controller und zusätzliche AP65

Thanks for your reply.

No Problem im okay with writing in english :)
Yes i know these are old and end of life products.
The performance is not awesome, but okay, we just want to expand our area and bought another three AP65( purple middle ones)
Currently we have 5 older (white middle) ones working and want to add these three second hand ones to it.
Over the controller im able to ping them, but they wont show up in AP wizard. Cant search for an IP adress there, only for MAC adress, name etc.
We have 8 licenses so this should not be the Problem.
The purple AP65 we want to add to the controller are also labled by aruba networks inc. and not alcatel on the nameplate.
I also thought about maybe these APs were used without controller or have some configuration in it that give us problems to add them to our Controller. But there is no reset button and we dont have that special cable to access the AP manually. We asked our reseller but he said this wont be easy to get.
So maybe if i use something like wireshark to sniff the traffic i can determine what IP or controller the Aps are looking for and add it to my controller. This might be an idea. Thanks for that. :)
I will give that a try.
The thing is otherwise we will have to buy a new system if we cannot expand the current one.
Or is there maybe another AP we can use? Higher Model easier to configure and access, if these ones will fail?
Thank you very much!

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Re: Aruba 200 Controller und zusätzliche AP65

By the way, i tried also to contact Aruba support, but the telephone number is outdated and E-Mail support is not accepted anymore.
They refer to HP contact, but no way to get help or create a ticket without valid maintenance contract and the system cannot even find AP65 or our  Controller (because eol right? :p)
so i tried this community :)

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Re: Aruba 200 Controller und zusätzliche AP65

Hier die Infos bezüglich Support Kontakt:


Produkte innerhalb und außerhalb der Herstellergarantie

+49 (0) 69 380 789 142 Montag – Freitag / 08:00 - 17:00 Uhr (außer an bundeseinheitlichen Feiertagen) 

HPE Packaged Support Services und Dienstleistungsverträge/ Contracts

Die Support Hotline entnehmen Sie bitte Ihren Packaged Support Service- bzw. Vertragsunterlagen

+49 (0) 69 380 789 143



MyNetworking Portal: (für Warranty & Contract Kunden 

Support Case Manager (Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center) 

Übermitteln Sie Supportfälle für Hardware- und Softwareprodukte und verwalten Sie diese mit einer Seriennummer, einer gültigen Garantie oder einem HPE Packaged Support Service oder Supportvertrag. Supportfall übermitteln oder überprüfen 

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Re: Aruba 200 Controller und zusätzliche AP65


Sollte korrekt und aktuel sein, wenn nicht bitte melden, wir werden uns kuemmern.



Shawn Adams
Aruba Networks Customer Advocacy
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