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How Can I Track Configuration Changes in NAE?


One of the convenient features in Network Analytics Engine is the visual representation of configuration changes on a time series graph.  Whenever a configuration is changed, as well as whenever a checkpoint is created, a purple diamond is shown on the graphs of every agent that is monitoring and enabled at the time.  A checkpoint is a saved configuration that is stored on the switch, separate from the running configuration and startup configuration.  You can set the AOS-CX device to automatically make checkpoints after a certain duration has passed.AgentView.PNGClick on an Agent to go into the Agent View window.  To view a change in configuration on an NAE Agent graph, all you need to do is look for the purple diamonds.  You can see one generate by making a configuration change on the switch and then perform a ‘write memory’ command.  ConfigurationChange.PNGAs soon as you see a purple diamond icon appear on the graph, you can then click the purple diamond in order to see the configuration changes that occur.  Red text are removed lines, while green text are the added lines, similar to performing a ‘diff’ command between the previous and current configurations.ServiceNowAgent.PNG

 On the topic of configuration changes, with the release of 10.01 the Aruba Solutions Exchange added many new agents that were designed by Aruba.  One such agent is the configuration change monitor that has ServiceNow interaction.  Using that agent, whenever a configuration change occurs, the agent will spawn an alert to let you know what has changed, and then send a ticket to a ServiceNow Instance.  ServiceNowDashboard.PNG

This is one way to show how the Network Analytics Engine can interact with existing 3rd party applications and ticketing systems!  In addition to this ServiceNow Agent, there is another script added to the Aruba Solutions Exchange that monitors configuration changes and alerts a TopDesk ticketing instance.  Feel free to let us know of any other application integrations that you would like Aruba to help create.



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