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Receiving geo-fence data through ZMQ feeds


We have an AWMS v8.2.6.1

and ALE v2.0.0.17c2 (69768)


We have been using the ZMQ feeds from the ALE to provide location analytics data from our backend system.

We would like to try the geo fence option available in the ALE guide, to see if we can divide clients in different zones.

We started by dividing the floormap on AWMS into different zones and then did a pdb regeneration in ALE. Currently we can see the different zones and their ids through the polling API (<ip/api/v1/geo_fence>) but cannot see any difference in the ALE cli feeds. Even the api guide only mentions the geofence_notify as an option in the Publish feeds. 


How do we get the geofence data though the ZMQ feeds?

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Re: Receiving geo-fence data through ZMQ feeds

Have you enabled Geofence option in configuration>Options page?


The GeoFence notify messages are sent when a client is found in the GeoFence or moves outside of the GeoFence.

The ZONE_IN event notification is sent when the client is found in the GeoFence
The ZONE_OUT event is sent when the client, who was initially inside the GeoFence, moves out

ØMQ endpoint “tcp://localhost:7779” ØMQ message filter “zone_event” Protobuf schema message zone_event {

ZONE_IN = 0;

 ZONE_OUT = 1;

optional zone_event geofence_event = 1; optional bytes geofence_id = 2;
optional mac_address sta_mac = 4
optional bool associated = 5;
optional uint32 dwell_time = 6 [default=0]; repeated group Access_point_info = 7 {

optional mac_address ap_mac = 8; optional string ap_name = 9;
optional mac_address radio_bssid = 10;

optional uint32 rssi_val 1;

 optional bytes hashed_sta_mac = 30

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