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Impact of IOT devices on your network


I'm interested to hear about the impact of IOT on the school network. For example are schools using Raspberry Pi's in labs to teach programming or are there robtic labs being set up. How about VR? I know of a few schools looking at VR and I personlly think that VR or augmented reality will have a big impact in the classroom. With all these technologies the network is impacted as more devices will be added and potentially 2.4GHz devices. Keen to hear the thoughts and expereicnes or our forum members.




Aruba Employee

Re: Impact of IOT devices on your network

I noticed this article on Network World which is along one of the themes of my post.

It talks about how Clearpass can better secure IOT end points which is a very valuable capability once IOT is introduced in the classroom.


Keen to hear your comments.



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