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Using the "job" command in switches

There is a command in the ProCurve/ArubaOS-Switches that you may not have come across before called "job". It runs a command at a scheduled time or on a countdown.


2930F-30(config)# job
 JOB-NAME-STR          The name of the job to add or delete.
2930F-30(config)# job help
Usage: job <Name> at [HH:]MM [on <Weekday-List>] [config-save] <Command>
       [count <1-1000>]
       job <Name> at [HH:]MM [on [MM/]DD] [config-save] <Command>
       [count <1-1000>]
       job <Name> at <Event> [config-save] <Command>
       job <Name> delay [[DD:]HH:]MM [config-save] <Command> [count <1-1000>]
       job <Name> enable|disable
       no job <Name>

Description: Schedule a command to run automatically in the future.
             Jobs can be scheduled to run once, multiple times
             on a recurring basis, or after certain events.
             By default, the job is recurring. All commands run with
             manager privilege in configuration context.

             The 'no' form of the command deletes a scheduled job.

This can be useful when making changes that could potentially lock you out. When working on the lab switches, it is a handy fallback to know that the switch will reboot to the previous config if you don't stop the countdown, like the following example.


2930F-30(config)# job testing delay 3 reboot
2930F-30(config)# sh job

 Job Scheduler Status and Configuration

  Scheduler Status : Running

                     Event or             Repeat Save
  Name               Time                 Count  Cfg  Command
  ------------------ -------------------- ------ ---- -------------------------
  testing            Every 00:00:03 min   --     No   reboot

The switch will reboot after the specified time, loading the previously working config without any of the recent changes.

Once your testing has completed successfully, you can remove the job:

2930F-30(config)# no job testing

It is not quite the same as the checkpoint feature in the new 8400/8320 switches, but it can be a useful tool all the same.


Richard Litchfield, HPE Aruba
Regional Category Manager, APJ – Campus Switching