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White Paper - Mobile Device Security in the Government Sector

This white paper describes how Aruba Networks' new technologies: ClearPass WorkSpace Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) can be used by government IT departments to secure mobile devices in use by government and military employees.


Please download the white paper here.

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Re: White Paper - Mobile Device Security in the Government Sector

Would be interested in reading about any cases where ClearPass is/was deployed on a military installation to facilitate guest access, particularly if it was used on the ".mil"  Anyone have such info?


Also, can someone put me in touch with the Aruba ClearPass Product Mgr?  Thanks.


Re: White Paper - Mobile Device Security in the Government Sector

There are a few of those types of installations today, mostly in medical facilities I believe.  Guest access is somewhat of a new idea for most military installations, but people are starting to wake up to that idea today with the proliferation of mobile devices that can't easily be connected to NIPRnet but which do have a legitimate purpose in the facility.  This sort of guest access dumps your connection out to a commercial ISP though - not to an internal network.

I don't think guest access on .mil is something we've seen so far, although I think there is probably a use case for it.  In short, "How do I let military personnel travel between bases/camps/facilities and give them access to the local network?"  With WLAN, the big problem here is a requirement for CAC authentication, WPA2 encryption with EAP-TLS, etc.  You really need devices that are pre-configured for a particular network to do this - expecting a person traveling from his home base to another military facility to configure his system for WPA2 by himself is probably not practical.  The USAF solved that by having the same SSID appear on every base, and as long as you have a CAC you can get authenticated.  That doesn't really help non-USAF personnel though.  So seems like there is an opportunity there, probably for someone like DISA who has a DoD-wide mission.

Jon Green, ACMX, CISSP
Security Guy

Re: White Paper - Mobile Device Security in the Government Sector

Rquinn, email me (jhoward -at- arubanetworks -dot- com) or PM me here with your email. What Jon added is correct. However, we can have the Territory Manager responsible for your accounts/area contact you and can likely go a bit deeper as needed. Thanks

Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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