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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

I don't recall it saying "beta", however, you were obtaining AirGroup functionality via a "Technology Release", which means it is a branch off from the code train in order to provide specific technology feature(s). In other words, it's not baked into the standard ArubaOS releases. That's where comes in, wherein it is part of ArubaOS.

My general rule of thumb is to put technology releases in lab environments only, only deploy early releases if you are desperate and get blessings from Aruba TAC and ACE teams; otherwise, only deploy general releases into your production environment.

- Ryan -
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Re: AppleTVs...sigh



I agree with you.

I was the one that slipped & mentioned "beta" since Technology Previews & Beta software are both designed for Lab environments and, perhaps, very limited production deployment for testing purposes.

Bruce Osborne - Wireless Engineer

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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

Thanks guys...point noted - but bottom line it still doesn't do what it says on the tin!


However we are desperate! We have close to 1300 iPads deployed and the need to deploy 100 Apple TV's to classrooms in the next 2 months. 


Maybe as you say - the answer lies more with Apple getting their act together on enterprise deployment and dropping / adapting mDNS....(sigh again...)


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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

I sympathize with your situation. Unfortunately, it seems you are stuck shoehorning the consumer product into your enterprise environment. Isolated/single VLANs per classroom and/or large broadcast domains are likely the only workable and "reliable" solutions at this point.

Keep us up-to-date on progress.

- Ryan -
Ryan Holland, ACDX #1 ACMX #1
The Ohio State University
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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

We are actually considering using Clearpass to completely block Apple TVs from our network - That's one way of solving the problem.  :smileyhappy:


Our Technology Director is somewhat antagonistic towards Apple products so that makes the decision a bit easier internally, but of course sometimes forces outside of IT make these decisions for us.  We are more heavily invested in Google products and solutions, and hope they have something comparable to Apple TV that is enterprise ready in the near future.  I am encouraged that Google has put forth a lot of effort to make Chrome OS easy to administer in an enterprise environment.

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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

We have a similar problem to everyone else regarding network design and bonjour/mdns.

At the moment we have 6 lecture theatres running a trial Apple TV set up, but it is a local network only purely for sharing ouput accross multiple screens between pupils and staff.

ArubaOS 6.3.x will help us achieve what we want, but it is early release and we don't expect to move to it until Xmas when it is proven stable (this might change if there are no reported issues)

What we are looking at is a halfway house scenario where we might get some AP135's and utilise the 2nd network port on the AP to provide connectivity for the airport which in theory should mean that the Aruba controllers can then see the Apple AP and we can use CPPM to  have some form of control over access as well as grant external access through the apple AP which has been a common complaint amongst the test students. It will be a bit of a bodge and not very elegant, but might do until we get a later release of 6.3.x



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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

Interesting read


I’ve got it working in a couple places doing some mac filtering with dhcp, more of a test scenario


Was thinking about a new ap group/ or perhaps a single ap config(hesitant to start a bunch of one off ap’s though) with a single vlan assigned to the VAP’s


I was planning on moving to 6.3 before the start of school and was looking forward to playing with the airplay feature.  I suppose I still will, but I will adjust my expectations accordingly.


Along those same lines has anyone given Chromecast a go?


chromecast wiki


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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

So, I got Chromecast the day after the announcement at Best Buy and it is a very, very slick device.  What it does NOT have are enterprise controls like passwords to be able to Cast to a device, so until then, it will not be appropriate for Higher Education or the enterprise.

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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

I do agree the chromecast is a slick device.... along with no password on a device - it also does not support any wpa-enterprise connections - and with only a wifi interface that presents access challenges as well


but it does appear to be something that access could be controlled via airgroup w/clearpass - ie utilises ssdp  etc.   so create a device wifi network / map these devices to a separate vlan - then use airgroup controls to limit discovery/access.


so perhaps a different option than apple TV - but not yet a better solution for Higher Ed classroom deployments etc...

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Re: AppleTVs...sigh

We implemented about three weeks ago with great success in a small multi controller environment. Other than some tweaking for what the AppleTV's authenticated role was permitted to do on the network we had no issues.
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