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ClearPass with Active Directory

Hello everyone:


How can I confirm ClearPass is working properly with Active Directory? Few days’ back all wireless users for a few minutes couldn’t authenticate against ClearPass. Currently, ClearPass is joined to AD. However, at the same time we got the calls regarding the users some computers in AD time out and Lync services etc. Hunch is that the system admin team did something in AD that caused the momentarily issue. Of course all wireless users having issues point to ClearPass. However, I couldn’t find anything wrong with ClearPass. If you do a packet capture in the controller you can see EAP drops but that would make sense if ClearPass cannot auth the users. I need to debug messages from ClearPass to AD but I don’t think ClearPass can debug this messages? Or do I have the ability? Any suggestion would be appreciated as always.


At the moment we don’t own a syslog server, we are in the process of demo few of them including Splunk and solar winds.


Thank you



Re: ClearPass with Active Directory

you can enable debug on CPPM and you will see the transactions between CPPM and AD the issue is that you will need to do it when the issue happens. :) Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 6.26.46 PM.png

Thank You,

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Re: ClearPass with Active Directory

when you look at a failure in access tracker, what does the alarm/failure tab tell you?
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Re: ClearPass with Active Directory

The access tracker the Login Status for users was "Accept" no Rejects and the correct Role was being push.

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