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Custom ALE for collecting raw data



currently we collect analytics from ALE, however we'd like to extend these analytics and go a little bit deeper. So I am curious if there is a way to obtain raw data from controllers/APs directly (same way as ALE does)?



Thanks for any reply

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Re: Custom ALE for collecting raw data



I am having the same problem. I tried to set the RTLS server IP and port to a Splunk server, but the controller needs a shared key for RTLS and I cannot set a key on splunk. 


The best I could achieve is that I set the user logging level to one higher (notification), then I could send the syslog to Splunk and see the association of clients to AP-s. Its not accurate, and it cannot record probe requests.


I asked TAC, but they said that at this moment it is not possible to get raw measurements/probe-requests from controller without ALE.


If you come up with a workaround I would appreciate it.



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