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Hoping That Mobile Engagement Isn't Just About The Money

Meridian (and it's competition) is obviously going to be a hot service in the days to come, I was fortunate enough to see it in demo at Aruba's offices at Wireless Field Day 6, and curiously also saw Meridian showed off at Cisco HQ last year prior to Aruba's aquisition of it. Aruba' ALE looks slick, and I currently get a lot of value out of Cisco's MSE. The value proposition of indoor wayfinding is powerful now, and is certainly going to evolve in ways that we probably can't even imagine yet, but it does sadden me a bit that each and every time indoor mapping is introduced, it's served up with a thick helping of "monitization" conversation. No doubt these services can lead to increased sales and new revenue offerings,  but I also hope that there is some "greater good" development put into them too that can lead to things like simple handicap routing (just an example of altruistic use of the technology) that somehow doesn't end up costing as much as using the same magic to target clients for sales and whatnot. I don't know how you make the use case nuance work when it comes time for sales, but I hope there is some "greater good" type thought put into location services evolution.

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