7.0 Upgrade - Increased Disk Space Usage

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Upgrading to 7.0 from anything before will increase disk usage of RRDs by a factor of up to nearly 10. In practice, we've seen much smaller overall disk increase factors. 

The reported disk increase factor With a customer was 127 / 57 = 2.28 (i.e.we are using 2.28 times more disk now; that's a (127 - 57) / 57 * 100 = 122.8 percent increase.

We can get the disk space used by (AW)RRD files via:

du -sh /var/airwave/rrd

That is probably a significant portion of the 117 GB (127 GB - the 10 GB for postgres data).

If it isn't, then we have to go looking for disk usage by other possible candidates.

This command will show us disk usage of things in the current directory (files and directories' cumulative usage) sorted with the largest disk space users at the bottom:

du -sk * | sort -n

We can "zoom in" to find the large file. Eg. Start in /var and run that:

[root@henry var]# du -sk * | sort -n
1736 spool
66056 www
849508 cache
2952196 lib
6263832 airwave-backup
8689352 log
12069528 airwave

So /var/log is using 8.6 GB (on my dev amp) but /var/airwave is using 12 GB. How is that 12 GB split up?

[root@henry var]# cd airwave

[root@henry airwave]# du -sk * | sort -n ...

41432 VisualRFdiagnostic.tar

43072 html_snapshot

55284 sites

159468 graphs

299240 cache

347296 data

11081432 rrd

It's almost all rrd data (11 GB worth).

Postgres data, of course, is under /var/lib/pgsql:

[root@henry airwave]# cd /var/lib/pgsql/

[root@henry pgsql]# du -sk * | sort -n

8 pgstartup.log

1869308 data

And is taking up 1.8 GB on the Lab amp.

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