7.2.3+ VisualRF: Network and Campus Map View Fix

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Alert: If you have been directed to this KB from an error message, it's because VisualRF has detected that the icon location for your Campus or Building icons has changed significantly. Please jump down to "Fixing Icon Location". 

The ERROR message that directed you to this article should have looked like: 
WARNING: Incorrect Campus and/or Building Locations: 
Campus: [campus name] [Building: [building name]] 
… [list of campuses and/or buildings that are affected, by name] … 
Campus: [campus name] [Building: [building name]] 
Your Campus/Building locations in VisualRF might have moved during the upgrade. 
Please refer to kb.airwave.com/?sid=50140000000adZE for a resolution. 
If you have any questions please email support@arubanetworks.com 

Note: This only applies if you have applied a custom map to either a Network or Campus view of VisualRF. And only if you have previously upgraded to either 7.2.1 or 7.2.2. Users upgrading from 7.1.3 or prior to version 7.2.3 or greater shouldn't run into this. 

Symptoms: To know if VisualRF is running into this, first navigate to VisualRF and verify if you have any custom backgrounds for the Network View or Campus View. If you do, are the campus or building locations where you expect them to be? If the answer is yes, then no changes need to be made. If the answer is no, then you will have received a notification directing you to this KB article, and should follow the steps as outlined. 

Fixing Icon Location: 
1. Make sure you have a current backup of your AMP. 
2. Open a new browser. 
3. Navigate to VisualRF. 
4. Right click on a Campus and select "Export Floor Plans" (This makes sure you have both a full backup and a VisualRF backup of the current AMP state). 
5. Navigate to http://<youramp>/swf/sitecreator/BgImgSelector.swf (where <ampname> is either the dns for your amp or the IP) 
6. This applet allows you to do the following: 

Set the top selection to the floor that has incorrect placement. 
Toggle the "use image" until the AP circles match the desired placement. 
Once you've found the image that matches the desired placement, apply by hitting "use these locations". 
Close out of your browser, and reopen VisualRF - confirm that the change is good. 

IMPORTANT: Once you try to apply a change from the applet, there's no undoing the change. Hitting the "use these locations" will effectively update the VisualRF icon placement data voiding the options you have from the applet.

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