AML install on Windows 2003:-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Here are instructions to install the AML application on the Windows 2003 server. The install script was written initially for Solaris installations and has been extended to different flavors of Windows.

1. Download the aml 1.2.3 version from our webserver from the following directory. Copy into a temp directory.

2. Download tar utility for Windows from and install on your Windows box.

3. Update the path to include the path for tar and perl (which is in the OpenView directories). On our NNM installation perl is at C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\bin\perl\bin. Tar is by default installed at C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin.

4. In one of the command line Windows, change to the temp directory that the aml-1.2.3.tar file has been copied to. Now unpack the tar file by typing tar -x -f aml-1.2.3.tar. This creates a directory called airwave-aml-1.2.3.

5. Copy the aml.tar (from the unpacked files) into C:\Program Files. Then unpack it by typing tar -x -f aml.tar. This will create a directory called awaml under C:\Program Files

6. Copy NNM.tar file into C:\Program Files\HP OpenView and unpack it by typing tar -x -f NNM.tar.

7. In the airwave-aml-1.2.3 directory run the following command:


The install script will now install all the rest of the information needed for the AirWave Management Link to work on the NNM server. As part of the install the NNM services are restarted. After the services get started you can type ovw & and that will start up the ov windows which in turn will bring up the AirWave Wireless network icon

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