ARM mode aware ? how it works and configuration

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Aruba Employee

Co-channel interference presents a big challenge in dense deployments. ARM ‘mode aware’ option allows APs to turn off radio if excess AP capacity is identified thereby avoiding co-channel interference and at the same time being available if need be.

APs will automatically switch to APM i.e. ‘AP Monitor’ mode and will act as AM (Air Monitor). Edge APs will not switch to APMs. If coverage is found lacking or an AP goes down APM will switch to AP mode and start servicing clients.

•     Configurable option under ARM profile (disabled by default)
(SDM3) #configure t
(SDM3) (config) #rf arm-profile default
(SDM3) (Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) profile "default") #mode-aware

Web user interface;

Browse to ‘Configuration > Wireless > AP Configuration’ and ‘Edit’ AP group. Within AP group browse to ‘RF Management > 802.11a radio profile / 802.11g radio profile’ and select ‘Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) Profile’. ‘Mode Aware’ option is available towards bottom right had corner (refer screen shot below). To enable it check the box, apply and save configuration.




Show Commands;

In the output of 'show ap active' below; AP at the bottom is operating in APM mode on b/g band.

(wl2h-L) # show ap active

Active AP Table


Name Group IP Address 11g Clients 11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP 11a Clients 11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP AP Type Flags Uptime

---- ----- ---------- ----------- ------------------- ----------- ------------------- ------- ----- ------

125abg@h-fa:64 orion 0 AP:1/19/33 0 AP:44/19/23 125abg E 10m:52s

121@h orion 0 0 AP:HT:149+/20.5/36 121 E 18m:20s

125@h-f6:e2 orion 0 APM 0 AP:HT:36+/20/23 125 E 10m:27s


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