Can't remove unused global groups on AMP

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Can't remove unused global groups on AMP?


The issue is :
1) On an older version of AMP, create add a managed amp to MC. Manage group config.
2) Create a group on MC, which triggers group creation on the managed amp.
3) Remove the managed amp from MC, or simply toggle off 'manage group config' for that managed amp.
4) Delete the group from MC
5) Now the MC doesn't have the group, and the managed amp does. On the managed amp, the group .is_remote_group and .is_global_group
6) Upgrade to the beta, now you're in this situation: a global group with no subscribers, that isn't on MC, and which can't be deleted on the managed amp.

Solution :
1) Log in to the Master Console and the offending Managed AMP.
2) Figure out what the offending group is on the Managed AMP.
3) Verify there is no group with the same name on the Master Console.
(If there is such a group on Master Console, then they're experiencing a different problem.)
4) Verify the group on the Managed AMP has no subscribers. (Global groups with subscribers aren't deletable.)
5) If there is no matching group on Master Console, and there aren't any subscribers to this group on the Managed AMP, then look at the group in the database:
# dbc "select id,name,is_global_group,is_remote_group from ap_group where id = <Offending group id>;"
6) You should see that ap_group.is_remote_group = 1. Update the database and set that flag to 0 by
#dbc “update ap_group set is_remote_group = 0 where id = <id of the offending group id>;"
7) The offending group should now be deletable via the web interface.

Note : Don't delete the group via the database: we execute some perl code when groups get deleted via the web interface, and a db delete bypasses the cleanup we want to do.

Version= AMP 7.2
Updated Jan 12, 2011

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