Configuring AMP to get usernames from ACS

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

NOTE: As of AWMS 7.0, ACS 5.0 is not supported. This condition may have changed in a later version of AirWave.

NOTE: These instructions are for use with ACS 4.1. The UI for other versions of ACS may be different.

To get usernames from a Cisco ACS server, first define your ACS server on the AMP Setup > ACS page, then execute the steps below in the ACS web interface.

Note: When defining the ACS in AMP you need to specify HTTP (default), not HTTPS.

On the ACS server:
1. Click on "System Configuration" 
2. Click on the link for 'Logging"
3. Under 'Report Name' look for 'Passed Authentication' and under the CSV column click on the link for 'Configure'
4. Check the box for 'Log to CSV Passed Authentications report'
5. Under 'Select Columns To Log' select at least the following 4 columns: 
. . - Message-Type (Type will be 'Authen OK')
. . - User-Name
. . - Caller-ID (Client MAC address) 
. . - NAS-IP-Address (AP or controller IP)

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