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Determine which controllers aren't configured to send AMON data such as channel utilization

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The following one-line command retrieves all of the controllers that haven't been configured to send AMON data. It does so by first looking at all of the APs that have channel utilization. From this list, it looks up the controllers for those APs since those are the controllers that have AMON data coming in. Finally, it searches the database for the controllers not in this list and prints out those controllers in CSV format. It saves this list of controllers to /tmp/controllers_without_channel_util.txt

# ls /var/airwave/rrd/channel_utilization/ | xargs -IFOO perl -e 'use Mercury::RRD::SSID::Utility qw(rrdtool_decode); print rrdtool_decode("FOO") . "\n";' | xargs -IFOO /opt/airwave/pgsql/bin/psql -Uairwave airwave --no-align --tuples-only -c "select controller_id from ap where lan_mac = 'FOO'" | sort | uniq | tr "\n" "," | sed 's/,$//' | xargs -IFOO /opt/airwave/pgsql/bin/psql -Uairwave airwave --no-align --field-separator , -c "select id,apparent_ip,name,lan_mac,type,version from ap where controls_aps = 1 and id not in (FOO)" > /tmp/controllers_without_channel_util.txt

- This command does not discriminate against vendors so it could contain non-AMON supporting devices in the output list.
- This command could report false positive Aruba controllers if AMON data is enabled but no AMON data has been sent. This is unlikely unless there are no APs for that controller.
- Please follow all best practices about supported AOS versions before enabling AMON data.

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