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Difference between ?wms clean-db? and ?wms reinit-db?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

It is important and vital to understand the difference between the two wms commands:

"wms clean-db" and "wms reinit-db" in order not to lose valuable data that could have cost many man-hours to complete.


wms clean-db:

This command deletes the wms data stored in the various mysql tables and does not affect the sql table structures or the rf-plan data.


wms reinit-db:

This command deletes the wipes out the wms data, the rf-plan data and rebuilds the the sql table structures.

Issuing this command without a prior export of the rf-plan would result in an unrecoverable loss of such data that includes floor plans per floor and building as well as position of AP's on each floor plan.


If there is a requirement to reinitialize the wms database, be sure to export the rf-plan building by building (if extensive) so that the re-import of such data could be done without failures caused by large file sizes.

Once the export is successful, the "wms reinit-db" command could be executed.


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