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Error Message (Telnet/SSH Error: command timed-out)

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Aruba Employee


Configuration: Error (Telnet/SSH Error: command timed-out) 

If we get the above message under configuration status as "error" on the AMP for an AP, below are the steps that can be tried to overcome it:

1. Confirm that the right credentials are on the Device’s Manage page.
2. Confirm that the firewall ports for telnet and SSH are open between the device and AMP.
3. Confirm that AMP can SSH/Telnet to the device by doing the SSH/telnet from AMP’s command line interface.
4. There is a time-out setting for SSH/telnet on the Device Setup -> Communications tab. Try fine tuning the timeout setting.
Once you change the setting, go to the Device’s Audit page -> redo the Audit by clicking the Audit button.
5. If 1-3 check out and after 4 – still getting timed-out error, please check and/or send to Support the following logs available on the System > Status page or from the AMP command line:

Telnet Commands (/var/log/telnet_cmds)
Configuration Monitor (/var/log/config_verifier)

Those log files should have some useful information what's happening in the communication process between AMP and the device.

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