Get details of newly added AP in VisualRF


Normally VisualRF's database takes time to fetch the details of a newly added device from AMP's database, based on the value configured for Synchronization Timer under VisualRF's Setup page.

Usually VisualRF is restarted to expedite this process.

From AirWave 8.0 version, we can make VisualRF poll the AMP's database to fetch the information on demand without restarting VisualRF.


AP is in AirWave but not visible in VisualRF:



To make VisualRF fetch the details of the newly added device or updated details of an existing device in AirWave, please navigate to https://<amp_server_ip>/visualrf/poll_aps_now.xml. Once VisualRF is able to fetch the details the following message will be displayed:


User-added image

Polled the poll_aps_now.xml by navigating to https://<amp_server_ip>/visualrf/poll_aps_now.xml

Now we are able to locate the AP in VisualRF



Poll the AirWave database using the poll_aps_now.xml

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