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How Airwave calculates Transmit power send from controller.

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How is Transmit power calculation done on Airwave ?


Airwave always displays the transmit power on the monitor page of the device by dividing the value send by controller by 2. The reason for this is for example if the value is set with .5 on controller there are chances its not calculated correctly. So, Controller Always send the value to Airwave with double the number and Airwave divides it by 2 and displays it.

We can verify it from the wq_snoop for ap radio. In the below example, the values set on the controller are 9 and 4.5. So, controller sends double the value over the snoop as below which would be 18 and 9.

'.' => '18',
'.' => '9',

Once, Airwave receives it Airwave will divide it by 2 and display as 9 and 4.5 itself on the web interface on Airwave.


[root@localhost mercury]# oidinfo '.'

wlanAPRadioTransmitPower OBJECT-TYPE
  SYNTAX        Integer32
  MAX-ACCESS    read-only
  STATUS        current
                        The current power level of the radio. (Transmitted as txpwr*2)
::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprises(1) aruba(14823) arubaEnterpriseMibModules(2) switch(2) wlsxEnterpriseMibModules(1) wlsxWlanMIB(5) wlsxWlanStateGroup(2) wlsxWlanAccessPointInfoGroup(1) wlsxWlanRadioTable(5) wlsxWlanRadioEntry(1) wlanAPRadioTransmitPower(4) 132 212 126 206 197 124 1 }


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