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How do I ensure that AMON messages are sent to failover Airwave server


I have 2 Airwave appliance working as a Primary- Failover. I have configured controller to send AMON data to Primary Airwave and am able to see the details on Airwave.


What configuration should be done  on controller to receive the AMON messages on Failover server also post failover occurs? 


Airwave installation that includes a failover server, its advised to add two lines in the controller config both as primary-server.

mgmt-server type amp primary-server <IP OF REGULAR AMP> profile <PROFILE>
mgmt-server type amp primary-server <IP OF FAILOVER AMP> profile <PROFILE>


The Failover ignores inbound AMON messages until failover occurs. While it does double AMON traffic in the network, it's the only current solution for AMP Failover deployments.

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