How do I move my AMP data to a new server?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The migration to a new server is fairly straightforward. However, it is important to backup and restore to the same version of AMP. We would recommend upgrading the existing installation first, as it will allow you to install the newest AMP version (and host OS) all at once. Once the AMP has been upgraded to the current release, the basic migration steps are to backup your old system, run a fresh install of the new one, and then restore your data. More detailed information on the process is below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us ( or 866-WiFi-AMP).

---- PRE-INSTALL ----

The iso for the current AMP release is available for download from

The AMP Quickstart Guide on the same page includes all the information you need in order to get the fresh installation up and running, including instructions for burning the image to CD.

----- AMP UPGRADE ----

The first step is to upgrade your AMP to the version of software you are installing on the new server. If you are unsure what your current version of AMP is please check the Home-->Overview page.

1. Log in to the AMP server as the root user.

2. Run the upgrade utility, providing the information when prompted
# /bin/sh start_amp_upgrade

---- AMP BACKUP ----

A manual AMP backup creates a databackup.tar.gz file in /alternative folder. Using this data backup we can restore your AMP on the new machine. To copy the backup to and from the AMP we recommend WinSCP (, a sourceforge project. It makes copying files to and from AMP very simple.

1. SSH into the AMP, or physically access the AMP terminal and login as root. Run the backup script.

# amp_backup

2. Copy the backup onto another machine using WinSCP. The backup will be stored in /alternative/databackup.tar.gz.

Note: In AMP version earlier to 6.3, amp_backup script will create two files databackup.tar.gz, configbackup.tar.gz.

----- AMP INSTALL ----

Follow the instructions in the AMP Quickstart Guide to install AMP from the CD you burned earlier.

Installing from the CD will install CentOS 5 as your operating system.
(note: the default root password is admin)

Once you've fresh-installed a new server, make sure to enable the VisualRF engine on the VisualRF-->Setup page if your license includes VisualRF sites. This step should be performed before restoring the data backup. 

---- AMP RESTORE ----

1. Copy the backup file back onto the machine. Where you place the file does not matter. Just make sure you use that path when running the amp_restore script. We will be assuming that you placed it in /tmp.

2. SSH into the AMP, or physically access the AMP terminal and login as root. Run the restore script. 

# amp_restore -d databackup.tar.gz

NOTE: With versions prior to 6.2 you will need to specify the fully qualified path to the data backup file, for example:
# amp_restore -d /tmp/databackup.tar.gz

3. Open the web GUI in a browser and verify the AMP has come back up and has all of your APs and data.

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