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How to Navigate between Flash and HTML5 in VisualRF without changing the settings.


Change the VisualRF view from HTML5 to Flashwith changing the setting in VisualRF > Setup page on AMP version 8.0.x and later.


We have the setting in VisualRF > Setup page to toggle between Flash and HTML5 for VisualRF.

This will take time and we suggest to use HTML5 all the time.  But at times if we need to just view the page in Flash version for any reason, we have a way to do so with out setting VisualRF to Flash version.


In VisualRF, navigate to any campus/building/Floor in HMTL view and replace the "vrf" to "site_list" in the URL, this will change the view to Flash based.

Ex:  If the HTML5 view has URL https://<Airwave IP>/vrf?campus_id=6c56c239-bfba-4d19-aeca-8ec5af68b725

change to https://<Airwave IP>/site_list?campus_id=6c56c239-bfba-4d19-aeca-8ec5af68b725

to see in Flash view, navigating out of VisualRF and back will get to HTML5 view.


This way we need not to keep toggle the view in Setup page.



No configuration needed for this change


Once you change the view to Flash, we can see all the details for the Campus/building/Floor.

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