How to apply .diff patch on Airwave server?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction :


This article will help to explain how to apply patch that is given in .diff file file format.


Feature Notes :


When the fix for an issue that was reported as defect is included in new release [example 8.0.x] then patch can be provided to back port the fix in previous version [example 7.7.x] based on the priority of the issue and request.


Environment :


When Airwave server cannot be upgrade due to huge deployment as Airwave Master Console and Managment AMP setup or if upgrade to new release may lose support for legacy devices that are currently monitored the fix that was available on the next future release can be back ported as patch if the current version's code that has the issue, permits the change.


Configuration Steps :



Once the patch with extension .diff is obtained from TAC/SE please following the below instruction to test and apply the patch.
1. Copy the patch to the following directory using winscp tool.
2. Run the following command to apply the execution permission to the patch file and to copy the current patches if any.
# chmod 766 /var/airwave/custom/<patch file>
# svn status > /tmp/svn_status.log
# svn diff > /tmp/current_patch.log
3. Run the following to test the patch and if this returns error message then forward the error message to TAC/SE.
# root
# patch -p0  --dry-run < /var/airwave/custom/<patch file>
4. Run the following command to apply the patch if the about command doesn't returns any error message.
# root
# patch -p0 < /var/airwave/custom/audit_page_DE19445.diff
# screen
# make
Please contact TAC/SE if this code recompilation [# make] returns error along with the patch and following logs.
a. /tmp/svn_status.log
b. /tmp/current_patch.log
c. /var/airwave/custom/<patch file>



Verification :



Once the patch is applied we can verify it running the following commands to verify the patch.
# root
# svn status
# svn diff


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