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How to change the visualRF view to flash temporarily from HTML5

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question- Howe to change the visualRF view to flash from HTML5 (temporarily) without having to disable the " Enable HTML5-based UI " field in the visualRF setup page.

Environment- Airwave versions 8.0.x and above, this KB would help the customers, who quickly wanted to take a look at the old flash view of the floor plans running on HTML5 enabled visualRF.

Answer- If you are any particular floor plan of the visualRF and would like to view that floor plan in the flash view, please do the following:

On the address bar, you will see a similar URL, if you are on a floor plan in HTML5 view:

https://<airwave ip or host name>/vrf?site_id=bbcaf33b-da6e-43d1-b530-1b3f8d3e55c7

To change the HTML5 view to flash view of the floor plan, all we need to do is replace the "vrf" to "site_list", as shown below:

https://<airwave ip or host name>/site_list?site_id=bbcaf33b-da6e-43d1-b530-1b3f8d3e55c7

we could do the same thing if one wanted to see the building view or campus view in flash. To come out of the flash view, click on the visualRF tab again, HTML5 view will be enabled again automatically.


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