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How to configure traps when using snmpv3 for Airwave and controller communication

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MVP Expert

Airwave monitoring or managing controllers, using SNMPv3 for communication.


Usage of SNMP v3 for communication over SNMP V2c is increasing rapidly for its enhanced security. Like wise, SNMP v3 informs are also more secured compare to SNMP v2c traps.

SNMP v3 informs work differently, when compared to SNMP v2c traps.  As, informs would need a received receipt from the trap receiver. Therefore it requires more configuration from Airwave side as well.





We need to configure the SNMP v3 inform user on Airwave, under device setup --> communication as shown below:


We need to use the same user name to configure on the controller as well, as shown below:

Controller GUI > Configuration > under management > SNMP > Trap recievers:








After the configuration, we could see the traps(Informs) showing on the Airwave GUI, System --> Syslogs & Traps, as shown below:


We could also see in the packet capture taken from Airwave, that the controller is sending the Traps and Airwave is Acknowledging them as shown below:



In the above example, .116 is the Airwave IP and .231 is the controller IP.





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