How to enable interferers in VisualRF


Need to see Interfering devices on VisualRF Floor Plans.


By default AMP does not export interfering devices data to the Visual RF. Hence, in Floor Plan View if you enable/check Interferers you wont see the interfering devices.

Even they are showed up under Radio Page of the AP in AMP. 


In order to export interfering Data to the Visual RF, you need to enable an option from Airwave database in seas_config table.


You could view the current status using the command:

# dbc 'select send_interferers_to_vrf from seas_config ;'

If output of the command is '0', that means it's disabled.



To send the data to VRF, we need to update the table using the command below:

# dbc 'update seas_config set send_interferers_to_vrf = 1;'

Once the table is updated, AMP will start sending the Interfering Devices' data to Visualrf.


To verify the status after change, use the same select syntax as below:

# dbc 'select send_interferers_to_vrf from seas_config ;'

You should be seeing the output as '1' now


Once done, Refresh the VisualRF. You should be seeing the interferers on the Floor plans.

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 Handy, short and sweet! Thank you.

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