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How to get the Firewall information populated on Airwave.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The Home > Firewall page allows network admins to view mobile app usage and performance on the network.


Environment : Airwave : 7.7



This page is disabled by default. The option to enable this page is on the AMP Setup > General page under the Additional AMP Services section.
This page mimics the Firewall page on the controller. It provides charts to easily view trending information for the top
three destinations and applications for a selected folder. You can drill down to view more specific information based on
the application, destination, device, WLAN, user, and role.
We need to make sure we configure the below steps to get the Firewall information populated on Airwave.

Enable AMON on controller as well as on Airwave.

On Controller :

(Controller-Name) # configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
(Controller-Name) (config) # mgmt-server type amp primary-server <AMP-IP>
(Controller-Name) (config) # write mem

On Airwave.

Amp Setup --> General tab --> Additional AMP Services
Under this option Set both the below options to Yes.

Enable Firewall Data Collection:

Enable AMON Data Collection:

Note : Also, make sure we have 2 GB of disk space available.

Once, after doing this make sure we check the below on the controller side.

* Check whether Firewall is enabled on the controller under Dash board --> Firewall. By default it would be disabled we need to enable it for Airwave to get the information.
Check whether the controller have PEF license installed. We can execute the below command to get the information.

#show ap license-usage

The out put would look like below,

AP Licenses
Type                      Number
----                      ------
AP Licenses               32
RF Protect Licenses       64
PEF Licenses              32
Overall AP License Limit  32
We can verify whether Airwave is getting the information from the controller regarding Firewall or not by doing qlog for the below qlog topics.

# qlog enable pef_debug
# qlog enable pef_profile
(note that if PEF is working, there’d be a lot of traffic, so don’t forget to disable after a few hours)
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