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How to get the device crendentials from Airwave CLI



From Airwave 8.2.3 onwards we don't see the hyper link for "view device credentials" under device manage page to view the Telnet/SSH credentials or Community string provided.



Prior to 8.2.3


In 8.2.3


The hyper link is disabled and there is no way to see the credentials from the web interface of Airwave.




In this scenario we can execute the below DB command to extract these information from the AP table,


# dbc "select password, username, snmp_secret from ap where id = 'device ID';"


Below are what the columns in the above command indicates.


password : Telnet/SSH password

username : Telent/SSH username

snmp secret : SNMP community string


Note: We have to replace the device ID with the respective ID of the controller. We can get the device ID of the controller by going to the controller monitor page on Airwave and the top URL would have the device ID for that device.


Below is an example, to get the details for the device with device ID 138

[root@localhost mercury]# dbc "select password, username, snmp_secret from ap where id = '138';"
 password | username | snmp_secret
 aruba123 | admin    | airwave
(1 row)





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