How to reset webUi password of ALE?

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How to reset webUi password of ALE version 1.x?


If you forgot the password and would like to reset it, it is very simple that you can reset with your new password from the command line interface of ALE.


Login to ALE command line interface and run the following command to reset UI admin account's password to admin123.


[root@ale ~]# /opt/ale/bin/ -­‐b /opt/ale/html/.htpasswd admin admin123


[Note: This will not work on ALE version 2.x]

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How does one reset the GUI password in ALE 2.0?


Thank you.

I got this. Let me get back to you with the steps on how to acheive this in ALE 2.0.


Thank you


In ALE 2.0, you can change the password by going Configuration -> Admin, Click on admin user. Enter the new password and click on Apply.


Keep me posted.







What if you do not remember the GUI password and only have CLI access?


Thank you.

Agree, One can land up in that situation and would like to reset UI password from command line. We need access to database to reset the UI password. Request you to reach out to TAC they can help to the reset the password again to the default i.e  welcome123


We can reset the admin password to default using the below provided steps. Default password would be"welcome123"



  • Login to ALE CLI as a root user 
  • Go to the below path

[root@ale ~]# cd /opt/ale/ale-jwebapp


  • Once we are in this location move to the shell prompt using the below command,


[root@ale ale-jwebapp]# bin/


  • When we are in the shell the prompt will look as " ij>"
  • Execute the below command to reset the admin password


ij> update commonschema.users set password = '$2a$10$OCmD9rZRUcZMZd2ygyCmOebaxTADX.IL6DhBP2Ysn4H8xJ1RAAy4u' where userid = 'admin';


  • Once done we can exit from the shell prompt using "ctrl+D"
  • If you use a name other than admin, you can change your user's password by modifying the where clause above. For example, to change John's password to default, we can use the below command 


ij> update commonschema.users set password = '$2a$10$OCmD9rZRUcZMZd2ygyCmOebaxTADX.IL6DhBP2Ysn4H8xJ1RAAy4u' where userid = 'john';


Password will be reset to "welcome123"



Now you should be able to login to the web interface of ALE using the default username and password.


Username: admin

Password: welcome123

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