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How to schedule a SSID enable/disable in IAP-Airwave setup

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In IAP-Airwave setup, we have an option to schedule the SSID broadcast enable/disable.


Environment : In any supported Airwave and IAP setup, this works only if Airwave is managing the IAP's not just monitoring. 


Network Topology : Airwave managing the IAP's configuration.


1. We will need to configure the SSID profile as a variable in the template, as shown below: we could find the template in the group's --> templates page on airwave.

wlan ssid-profile <SSID profile name>
 type employee
 essid testing
 wep-key 9dc1f1e75f5db7d73fe7502222070ec0a1d52b40ee4d5fa0 1

2. From these Instant manage page, we could update the variable 2 option as disable and schedule the change for 11 PM in the night ( or any preferred time) and select occurs daily(or weekly or yearly upto your requirement). as shown below:



rtaImage (1).png

3. Please mention the disable time accordingly. For example for 6:35 am, I would do like this "October 30, 2014 6:35 am PDT".

4. Once done with the schedule for disable, please schedule, one more JOB to enable the SSID in the same way as above (steps from option 2, change the variable 2 to enable)

Note: To schedule a enable for SSID, when the SSID has not been disabled, you will need to manually disable just for the time being, just so that you could schedule the enable. then you enable it back right away after scheduling the enable.  going forward, according to this schedule, the job to disable will disable the ssid and the enable job will automatically enable it.  After scheduling both, you will see the config scheduled jobs like this, under system --> configuration change jobs on the GUI:

rtaImage (2).png

In the above scheduled jobs, I am disabling the ssid at 4:30 am PDT every day and enabling it back at 6:35 am PDT everyday.


This helps in disabling the SSID's as per our network requirement, whenever we need and also schedule a enable, without much user intervention.


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