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How to update the device type for a device on Airwave

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

We replaced the hardware of the Aruba Controller/Cisco WLC,/Cisco IOS etc on the network the device shows up on airwave. However, still holds the old device type.


Environment : Airwave managing/monitoring Aruba/Cisco devices.


Ideally when we replace a hardware on the network, we should properly use the replace hardware option from the device's manage page on Airwave webUI. as mentioned in the user guide below:




In some few instances, If we assign the same IP address and the snmp info to the replaced hardware. Down device will automatically start showing as UP on Airwave. However, in the manage page of that device on Airwave, we could see a "mac error" and it will ask us to click on reset. when we click on reset, the Mac gets updated correctly and we will be good.

This method is also good, as there will be "zero" down time for the device in airwave. The problem will happen only when the device type is different, although the mac address gets updated the device type would not.

So it is always recommended to use the replace hardware option if the device type is different.  what if you have already done it and the device type is showing incorrect for the device? Below is what we can do to fix:
Airwave will only poll once for the device type, it is the first time when the device was added. it will never poll the second time for device type.

So, there are two ways to fix it.
1. We manually update the device type (not recommended)
2. We let airwave poll for it again.

We should use the second option to let Airwave learn it from the device. Since, airwave poll the device type only the first time, when the device gets added. For that airwave looks if the device type is default and the device is down.  So, we could update the device type as default and mark that device as down in airwave temporarily and do a poll now. when we do a poll now, in this state, airwave finds the device type as default and its down, it treats it as a new device and update the device type automatically with the new one.

please find the default device types:
default Aruba Air mesh device type value:  382
Any other Aruba device, default value: 137

For Cisco:
Default value for WLC: 329
LWAPP : 194
Cisco Switch: 328
Cisco IOS AP: 95

In the below example commands, I am updating the default type to Cisco WLC, from the airwave CLI, to get the new WLC type.

# dbc "update ap set type = 329 where id = <device id>;"
# dbc "update ap set is_up = 0 where id = <device id>;"

After executing these commands, we need to do, poll now for that device in question. from the monitor page on airwave WebUI.
Note: we could find the device id, by navigating to the monitor page of the device, in the address bar we could see the device id, as shown in the example below,  in this example the, device id is 34857

https://<airwave server ip or URL>/ap_monitoring?id=34857


we should update the new device type correctly.

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