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IAP clients not updating in Airwave, when configuration only option is enabled.


IAP clients are not updating in Airwave though we have active client connected to IAPs and swarm handler service is running in Airwave?


Note: Enabling this option allows to push only instant configuration setting from Airwave.


From AMP 8.0.11 & IAP, we have support for Configure only mode.


When AMP setting configure only mode is enabled in AMP,  it increases the scalability of AMP and reduce the work load for IAP at the same time.

IAP will only send part of STATE/STAT  message and will not send TRAP/AppRF message to AMP, which should be able to greatly improve the performance for both IAP and AMP.


 In Configure only mode, AMP will add a new HTTP header “X-No-Stat: yes”  in every response from AMP to IAP.


Once IAP receive this HTTP header from AMP, IAP will keep this flag and assume itself under amp config-only mode. After this, IAP will simplify state/stats message reported to AMP as follows:

IAP’s  SWARM stats message will not includes  these tables :









IAP’s SWARM state message will not include these tables :






5.AppRF data will not be sent to AMP.

6.All trap tables will also not be sent to AMP.

7.Once there is no "X-No-Stat" header in AMP’s response, or the ‘X-No-Stat:’ is not ‘yes’, IAP will return back to the original behavior.


The amp config-only mode will be displayed in “show ap debug airwave”, if config-only mode is enabled, it will indicate "yes", else it will indicate "-".


00:0b:86:8f:46:c0# show ap debug airwave


Airwave Server List


Domain/IP Address  Type     Mode     Config-only  Status

-----------------  ----     ----     -----------  ------        Primary  Monitor  yes          Login-done



00:0b:86:8f:46:c0# show log ap-debug | include awc


Feb 23 06:02:40  awc[2594]: Message over SSL from, SSL_read() returned 120, errstr=Success, Message is "HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M X-Manage-Mode: monitor^M X-No-Stat: yes^M Cookie: 482d59ec624c7f82cddbf2402722655d^M Content-Length: 0^M ^M ", AWC response: (null)


Note: When this setting is enabled clients count will not show in Airwave, since in swarm we don't see MIB table



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