Master Console DNS Resolution for AMPs

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

If you prefer to add an associated AMP in the Master Console using just the AMP's DNS hostname, instead of the AMP's fully-qualified domain name (FDQN), you can edit the Master Console's '/etc/resolv.conf' file via a TELNET or SSH secession to add DNS search domains:


Once you've added these search entries to the top of the '/etc/resolv.conf' file, the Master Console will append each listed domain, in the order it's listed in the file, whenever you use only a hostname at the Master Console's web GUI or at the CLI. Note that you must list the domain for every AMP associated with the Master Console; otherwise, if an AMPs domain is not listed in '/etc/resolv.conf', you will need to use the AMPs FQDN in the Master Console's Web GUI and in its CLI.

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