Max and Average: what do they mean?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Max and Average: what do they mean?


The different measurements within AirWave graphs can cause a lot of confusion. This article attempts to describe the differences between max, average, max max, etc. I'll start by highlighting the key difference between a max and an average:

Maxes - peaks at any one point in time in a graph.
Averages - data over a span of time. Averages are useful because as data gets older it loses granularity -- when we roll data from shorter intervals to longer ones.

So, what's a Max Max?

Max Max: The highest point in the current graph
Average Max: The average of the maxes over a span of time.
Max Average: The highest single point of the averages in a graph
Average Average: The average value in an average line.

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