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OS details of clients connected to IAP are not showing in Airwave


We know Airwave can display the Device type, OS and OS detail information of clients connected to devices that are monitored by Airwave. Navigating to the client detail page will show this information. However for Instant Access Points the OS and OS details information will be blank. An example of this is shown below.

Instant shows the following information about the clients.

Airwave does not show anything under the OS and OS detail column as seen below.


Enabling swarm debug using the following article( and looking into the stat and state(decoded payload data) we see the following client information.


                                               MIB_OS_TYPE => 'Android’,    --> Only an example

                                               MIB_PHY_TYPE => '2',

                                              MIB_RX_RETRIES => '24',

                                              MIB_SNR => '53',

                                              MIB_TX_RETRIES => '1',

                                              MIB_USER_ROLE => 'O2 Wifi',

                                              MIB_VLAN => '3333'


IAP report the OS type value to airwave, but Airwave defines it as Device Type information only and not as OS and OS Type. This is not a defect but only a limitation of the Instant Access points which have provision only to send the OS type as that is what exists in its MIBS.

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