Rabbitmq process does not start

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :


1. RHEL 6.x version
2. Any AMP version


1. We will not be able to create new folder
2. We will not be able to add new devices to existing groups/folders
3. We will not be able to delete devices
4. Rabbitmq process doesn't show as runnning process.



In typical RHEL installs. Qpid rpm will be installed by default where AMQP process runs on port 5672 by default. this stops rabbitmq process not to run as rabbitmq also uses the default port 5672. We can verify the same by running

# rpm -qa | grep qpid
Remove qpid rpm from the server and rabbitmq automatically runs on port 5672. and we should be able to see the rabbit mq process running. Now we would be able to create new folders, delete devices or add new devices to a group and folder. We can remove the qpid rpm by

# yum remove qpid*
Rabbitmq process won't start because AMQP process using the same default port 5672


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