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Regulatory Domains: link to Cisco's Wireless LAN Compliance Status :-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In the chart linked to below, Cisco divides countries into one of 14 regulatory domains: -A, -C, -E, -I, , -J, -K, -M, -N, -P, -Q, -S, -T, -W, -Z. Each domain describes a common set of valid channels.

Wireless LAN Compliance Status

Not all wireless hardware vendors agree on which channels are valid for a particular country. AirWave uses the same set of valid channels as used by Aruba. This set may differ slightly from the one used by Cisco. If you find that AirWave does not agree with the device you are monitoring, you can usually find another country in the list of regulatory domains that has the same set of valid channels as the ones you are looking for.

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