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Restore VisualRF from a backup file in AirWave 8.0.x.x version

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction- If  VisualRF data alone needs to be restored backup file, please follow the steps given below:

Environment- The steps given below have been tested and validated for AirWave 8.0.x.x versions.


  • Copy the backup of the AMP which was taken when VisualRF was working to /tmp directory. Here the name of the backup file isdatabackup.tar.gz
  • Run the following command to grep the name of the VisualRF backup file:

                             #tar zxvf /tmp/databackup.tar.gz | grep .zip

  • From the output, we will find the backup located under var/airwave-backup/visualrf/visualrf_backup_<name-of-amp-server>.zipsimilar to what we see below:


  • Run the following command to extract the VisualRF’s backup, which will be saved under /tmp/var/airwave-backup/visualrf/

                             #tar zxvf /tmp/databackup.tar.gz var/airwave-backup/visualrf/

  • Copy the visualrf_backup_<name-of-amp-server>.zip to the desktop using a file transfer tool like WinSCP.
  • Login to the GUI o AMP and navigate to VisualRF à Import à Import Floor Plans From a VisualRF or VisualRF Plan Backup
  • Import the VisualRF backup file which was saved on the desktop.


  • After running the above steps, from the command line of AMP, tail the visualrf_migration.log located under /var/log/visualrf.
                             #tail –f visualrf_migration.log
  • The log file will have the following entry, indicating the beginning of the restore process: , “End of restoration” indicating beginning and ending of the restore process.
                             2013-11-13 13:58:03,545 INFO  HTTP[3]      Start restore site from file: /var/airwave/temp/
                             2013-11-13 13:58:03,546 INFO  HTTP[3]      zip entry[version.xml]
  • The following lines will indicate the completion of the restore process:
                             2015-02-18 14:30:40,849 WARN  HTTP[1]      Ap id is dbb34efa-180a-48b9-bfad-e54230f388cc does not exist or empty/null mac, setting to planned
                             2015-02-18 14:30:40,861 INFO  HTTP[1]      End of restoration.
  • Login to the GUI of AMP to confirm that VisualRF module displays the imported floor plans.


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