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Script for triggering "import settings" on AP in AMP

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

If you want to import settings for many devices, we normally recommend doing it from AirWave's web interface. It's one of the options for "Modify Devices" on any Device List.

If that's not an option, attached is a script that would trigger “import settings” on the APs in AMP server. If you specify the folder ID it will run it on all the APs in that folder. If you want to import settings for all the APs on the server you can enter “all” for folder ID. 

Note: We recommend running the script on one folder at a time.

You can get the folder ID from the ap_folder_id in the URL on the AirWave UI.
So for example: AP Folder ID =1 in this URL

To Run:

1. Move to /var/airwave/custom/
2. Make the script executable 
#chmod 755 /var/airwave/custom/ 
3. Run the script
#cd /var/airwave/custom
#./ <FOLDER_ID> 


[root@test]# ./ 

./ <folder_id>

Run the IMPORT SETTINGS on all APs in a specified folder.
To run IMPORT SETTINGS on all APs in AMP specify 'all' as the folder id.


./ all




(Please download script from our Support site:

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 Where can i find this script? link posted dosent work. don't want to schedule configuration jobs to import settings on hundreds of IAP's. Thanks

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