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Troubleshooting Aruba Instant AP Connectivity (swarm debug)

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

1. Check the pound log. pound is a proxy server that intercepts all swarm communication and hands it off out our SwarmHandler (all non-swarm traffic goes to apache). This would be a good command:

# grep swarm /var/log/pound

If there are no results for that command, it means that no requests are arriving from the Instant APs.

2. Enable the qlog topic called swarm_debug

# qlog enable swarm_debug

That creates a swarm_debug log in /var/log/amp_diag that's base64-encoded. You could use this command after enabling the logging to see detailed headers that actually arrive at the AMP:

# qlog_decoder --topics <topic> --notail --nofollow /var/log/amp_diag/swarm_debug

Valid topics include: 

cmd_queue (records all commands sent to SwarmHandler)
headers (HTTPS headers received from a swarm)
commands (when a command is being put into HTTPS response)
config (the running-config sent from a swarm)
delta-config (the delta-config being sent to SwarmHandler)
state (decoded state payload data)
stat (decoded stat payload data)

This command is useful for putting human-readable versions of each topic into /tmp/swarm:

# mkdir -p /tmp/swarm; for x in cmd_queue headers commands config delta-config state stat; do qlog_decoder --topics $x --notail --nofollow /var/log/amp_diag/swarm_debug > /tmp/swarm/$x; done 

3. On the IAP, from the support link, you can check the device's Datapath Session Table for connections to AMP by the virtual controller.

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