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Updating AMP To Recognize Changes in Daylight Saving Time

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Probably the easiest way to update your AMP to deal with daylight saving time changes is to refresh the TZDATA file and install a couple of RedHat date and time configuration packages. To accomplish this task, enter the following at the AMP command line:

yum -y install tzdata system-config-date redhat-config-date


The 'setup' command will take you to the RedHat command-line configuration tool. From there, use your arrow keys to move the cursor to 'Time zone configuration' and type 'Enter' to select the option. Next, select the appropriate timezone for the location of your AMP in the following screen. Use the 'tab' key to navigate to the option for 'System clock uses UTC'. If your system clock is set to GMT/UTC, select this option using the 'spacebar'. Otherwise, you can leave unselected. Finally, type 'tab' again to center the cursor over the 'OK', type 'Enter' again, then hit 'tab' twice and exit with 'Enter'. Your AMP should now have updated timezone files.

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