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Using the Virtual appliance image in VMware Player :-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The following steps will guide you in downloading and installing the Virtual appliance image. The embedded settings are equivalent to the hardware specs for HW-AWMS-200 (200 device, w/ RAPIDS, w/ VisualRF, 4 CPU, 8GB RAM, 75G disk space).

Pre-setup steps:
1. Download and install VMware Player (
2. Download the "Virtual appliance image" from the AirWave Support Download page ( *Note*-This image is roughly 1GB, image includes the OS and AMP.
3. Unzip the "Virtual appliance image" - you may want to do this into a folder or on a shared drive, but it needs to be accessible from the VMware Player.

Initializing the VM:
1. Open VMware Player
2. Select 'Open a Virtual Machine'
3. Navigate to the location of the unzipped download files, be sure to select file type: "Open Virtual Machine Format Images (*.ovf, *.ova)"
4. When the Image opens, you should see login prompt. The initial login/password is root/admin
5. After logging in, you'll see a reminder that you must have VMware tools installed. Hit the 'return' key.
6. The amp-install should kick off on it's own. From this point, you can follow the Quick Start Guide.

--Known Issues--
Tested install on a regular WinXP 32bit laptop (2GB RAM) caused the laptop to slow down drastically due to the memory requirements embedded in the image. You will want to make sure you have at least 8GB RAM available. It will also prompt you to run on 64bit.

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