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VisualRF Plan - AirWave VisualRF gives you an accurate view of your entire network without ever leaving your desk.


AirWave™ VisualRF™ automatically generates a map of your RF environment and the underlying wired topology, showing you what your network looks like — in real time. VisualRF builds this map using RF measurements gathered from your active wireless access points and controllers, without requiring you to buy a costly, separate location appliance. You can see exactly who is on your network, where they are, and how the network is performing.

Armed with the RF coverage and location data provided by VisualRF, you can solve problems faster, improve service quality for users, and make better decisions about your network.


VRF and Location Accuracy

There are no plans go beyond the location accuracy planning option currently in the product. It ensures you have enough APs around the outside of the building to get reasonably accurate locations. If you plan for a dense user network or high throughput network you should have plenty of APs for location tracking. Additionally VRF only gets 5 to 7 meter accurace 90% of the time in the best cases. We won’t support 4m accuracy.



Trying to use directional antennas for a customer and cannot figure out how to have them show up. Is this even an option?

First the AP has to support external antennas I believe, and second if they do, they should show up in the VisualRF UI with an option once you click on the AP. You’ll see “Properties” with 2 boxes below labeled 11ng Radio and 11na Radio and once you click on those boxes an option to adjust Beamwidth, Orientation, and Gain should appear. You’ll need to configure all three to match your desired external antenna specifications and VRF should then model this new antenna design on the heatmap.







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I want to design the visual rf plan with AP 315,305 & 203H. but there is no option for new model aps.

Is Airwave / Visual RF actually using RF information, captured on the access points to build the heatmaps, or is it estimated via AP type, configured walls etc.