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Aruba Employee

Support for Airespace WLAN Override is available in AMP 4.4_rc6_beta and newer releases.

To use the WLAN override feature, it is necessary to organize your APs and controllers into different groups. You will need one or more groups for the controllers to define all of the available WLANs. Then you need one or more groups for each set of APs that will only have a subset of the SSIDs. 

In the controller group(s), configure all of the available WLANs on the Group's SSID/VLAN page (and make sure that VLAN tagging is enabled on the Group's Security page). 

In each AP group, you will need to navigate to the Cisco LWAPP page. To get there, first go to the Group's Radio page and then click on the link "Configure settings on the Cisco LWAPP page".

Next, click "Yes" to enable WLAN Overrides under the "LWAPP AP" section. Then click "Save". 

Now you can add each SSID that will be on the APs in the group. Click "Add new WLAN Override." Then select an SSID and which radios the WLAN should appear on; then click "Save". 

Once you have added all of the SSIDs, click "Save and Apply". Then confirm the changes.

Repeat this for each group of thin APs. 

After pushing out the configuration, you should be able to see which SSIDs are on each AP by visiting the Monitor page for a particular AP.

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