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Why does ALE meridian-tunnel service is down when the server is rebooted?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : ALE uses meridian-tunnel service to form a tunnel with the Meridian server on the cloud to send location data to Meridian.


If the meridan-tunnel service is down then Meridian will not receive the location data from ALE and that will impact showing the client locations in Meridian.



When the ALE server is rebooted the meridian-tunnel service will not start automatically and that makes ALE not to send location data to Meridian server.


rtaImage (3).jpg



We must run the following command to start the meridian-tunnel service during every reboot until we add the meridian-tunnel service to the server check config list.





Instruction to add the meridian-tunnel service to service check config list:

Step 1.Run the following command to turn on check config for meridian-tunnel service.
             # chkconfg meridian-tunnel on

rtaImage (1).jpg



Step 2:


Run the following command to verify the check config and you will notice the service is set to ON for run level 2,3,4 and 5.
           # chkconfig --list | grep -i meridian


rtaImage (2).jpg



Once the meridian-tunnel service is added to the service check config then if the server rebooted the meridian-tunnel service will be started by itself as show below.


rtaImage (3).jpg







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