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AMP Master and Failover

Good morning all,

I have the following scenario, AMP 2 servers and 14 more controllers, my AMP wheel with version 7.7.11 and my controllers with
Very well, the Airwave setting inside my controler configure my primary server in my case xx.xx.xx.20 (AMP Master) and now, what I do with my AMP Backup which is the xx.xx.xx.120 . He also have to configure the controller to send her collections when my AMP Master fall or it will assumuir the IP of master if it falls?



Re: AMP Master and Failover

I'm going to refrain from using Master to not confuse with Master Console.


When a failover takes place, the Failover AMP maintain's its own IP address.

So controllers need to have entries for both servers to be trap receivers or for AMON.


Also make sure to have the appropriate firewall rules in place.

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Re: AMP Master and Failover



Thanks for reply

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